SI No. Category Document Title Download
1. Phenomenological Ethics Table of Contents (1-3) Download
2. Phenomenological Ethics Phenomenological Ethics of Husserl - V. C. THOMAS (4-17) Download
3. Phenomenological Ethics Kierkegaard and Ethics - ARUTHUCKAL VARUGHESE JOHN (18-35) Download
4. Phenomenological Ethics Phenomenological Notions in the Ethics of Ambiguit - S. MAYA (36-46) Download
5. Phenomenological Ethics Embodiment, Intersubjectivity, Revolution - M. P. TERENCE SAMUEL (47-68) Download
6. Phenomenological Ethics Dictatorship of They - ANTONY PUTHUSSERY (69-77) Download
7. Phenomenological Ethics Dialoguing with the Other - SAJI THOMAS (78-90) Download
8. Phenomenological Ethics Experiencing the Subject - ASHWIN ANU ABRAHAM (91-98) Download
9. Phenomenological Of Heidegger Table of Contents Download
10. Phenomenological Of Heidegger Thinking about Thinking: After Heidegger - Devasia (01-15) Download
11. Phenomenological Of Heidegger Dwelling as the Ontological Condition for Designing - Saurabh Todariya (16-37) Download
12. Phenomenological Of Heidegger Embodying Being: Between Heidegger and Kashmiri Shaivism - V.C. Thomas (38-51) Download
13. Phenomenological Of Heidegger Issues in Hermeneutic Phenomenology - Ayush Jain (52-75) Download
14. Phenomenological Of Heidegger “Innerworldly” Objects: Understanding Heidegger through Wittgenstein - Ayush Jain (76-81) Download
15. Phenomenological of Life World Table of Contents Download
16. Phenomenological of Life World The Life World of The Marginalized Towards an Emancipatory Project Download
17. Phenomenological of Life World Feminist Phenomenology: A Reading of Merleau-Ponty, Butler and Young Download
18. Phenomenological of Life World The Life World of a Spiritual Person Download
19. Phenomenological of Life World Tribal Life World Download
20. Phenomenological of Life World The Life World and Religious Consciousness A Phenomenological Reading Download
21. Phenomenological of Life World Book Review Article Download
22. Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity Table of Contents Download
23. Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity A Tribute to D.P. Chattopadhyaya Download
24. Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity Communication and Meaning: from Inter-Subjectivity to Inter-Existentiality in Kierkegaarad Download
25. Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity Husserl's Notion of The Other and Intersubjectivity Download
26. Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity The Other and Intersubjectivity in Merleau - Ponty's World of Perception Download
27. Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity Decoding The Ethical Curvature of Intersubjectivity a Levinasian Problematic Download
28. Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity Book Review Article Download
29. Phenomenology of Meaning of Human Existence Table of Contents Download
30. Phenomenology of Meaning of Human Existence Beyng, Thinking, and Caring: Hermeneutic Contours of Human Ek-sistence in Heidegger (1-9) Download
31. Phenomenology of Meaning of Human Existence Merleau-Ponty on the Phenomenology of the Social World (10-28) Download
32. Phenomenology of Meaning of Human Existence Mass Society and the Mystery of Being in Gabriel Marcel (29-37) Download
33. Phenomenology of Meaning of Human Existence Meaning of Human Existence and Experience Thinking through Beauvoir and Butler (38-64) Download
34. Phenomenology of Meaning of Human Existence Jean-Paul Sartre: The Transcendence of Ego An Appraisal (65-74) Download
35. Phenomenology of Human Body Table of Contents Download
36. Phenomenology of Human Body Phenomenology of Embodiment and Perception: The Debate on Perceptual Conceptualism (1-37) Download
37. Phenomenology of Human Body From Body-Subject to Flesh: An Overview of Merleau- Ponty’s Reconceptualisation of the Body (38-48) Download
38. Phenomenology of Human Body Role of Body in Marcel’s Metaontological Inquiry (49-65) Download
39. Phenomenology of Human Body Unveiling the Lived Body: Gabriel Marcel’s Phenomenological Perspective (66-77) Download
40. Phenomenology of Human Body Charting the Contours of Husserl’s Notion of Empathy A Reappraisal (78-94) Download